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Guidelines for a Successful Program

  1. Secure support of your employer and HR department for a workplace program.
  2. Identify presenters, including CPAs on staff.
  3. Select topic for presentations.
  4. Choose presentation type, such as:
    • Pre- or post- working hours sessions
    • Lunch time session
    • Teleconference
    • Webinar
  5. Select day(s) and time(s) for program.  Be sure to allow time for questions.
  6. Promote the program through internal communications starting a 4-6 weeks before the first session.
    • Send a reminder the week of the presentation.
    • At the end of presentation, promote the details for the next presentation.
  7. Create a page on your company’s intranet to promote the workplace program and include resources related to each session, such as presentations and handouts.
  8. Do not invite vendors to present who will only promote fee-based products.
  9. Be sure to ask employees what topics should be covered in future presentations.
  10. Apply for the Workplace Leaders in Financial Education Award to be recognized for your efforts.